Advice for Sunday Driver Golf Breaks

There really cannot be a better time to take advantage of the fantastic offers available to golfers who wish to play courses at home or around the world. Even the premier golf courses that every serious golfer dreams of playing may now be available if proposed in the correct way.

Golf has grown in popularity over the years, due to media coverage of major events such as The Open, The Masters, and The Ryder Cup. The sport is recognised as a healthy activity for both males and females and young people can see the opportunities of developing a lucrative career by starting early in the game, like some of the sports heroes.

With this expanding popularity, over recent years, new courses, and hotel complexes with golf courses attached, have until the recent world economic retraction been opening at a rapid rate. This has now provided an imbalance, with supply and demand, which has led a lot of establishments prepared to offer large discounts just to cover costs and keep present staff employed.

Most establishments realise that it would be commercial suicide to advertise reduced rates, giving the impression of desperation, so the general golfing public is unaware that some of these fantastic venues can be played for a fraction of the advertised cost, because the venue has agreed bargain rates to a specialist golfing company in exchange for promotion.

Up and down the country club golfers, like you and I, meet in the 19th on a Sunday after our round of golf, and discuss our missed putt, or the lost ball that cost us a chance to win the competition. It is a game of passion that can never be mastered but that is the fascination of the sport, the desire to play better and also experience different courses. Watching the golf professionals play at different venues set a benchmark for the serious golfer to attempt to emulate.

In today’s economic climate, a good specialist golf facility company is your first point of call if you are looking to make a group booking for a week in Spain or a nights bed and breakfast for a golf break in Devon. They will have rates available for hotels, flights and green-fees, and will happily arrange your whole trip around courses that suit your location and time available. Even if you are only looking to book a two ball in your local area it is well worth booking through them and take advantage of today’s bargain rates.

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