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Great Golf And Stay At Bandon Dunes Resort

In order to have one of those unforgettable golfing experiences, it is an absolute must to stay at the Bandon Dunes Resort with its very own Bandon Dunes golf course. For golfers with a penchant for the luxury treatment, this place is the perfect destination. Bordering on the breathtaking Pacific Ocean, the Bandon Dunes in Oregon is like a picture-perfect dream for visitors. There are four golf courses attached to the resort and these carry different names. Of the several golf courses, the Pacific Dunes is the most different. It is a treat for avid golfers with its topography, location and the weather in general. Being the nearest to the ocean, it experiences a dense fog situation in the early hours of the morning and this definitely doubles the challenge for golfers. Another interesting aspect of this course is that in spite of being apparently easygoing because of its short length, it throws up some pretty difficult terrain.

Playing a good game of golf out here is definitely a test of skills and perception. The caddies that the players are assigned are always ready to help with their expert advice and together, it is quite possible to cough up a winning team. The other three courses go by the names of – Bandon Dunes, Bandon Trails and the Old Macdonald. The fairways and pot bunkers of the Bandon Dunes are quite a favorite with visitors. The one unique fact about the Bandon Trails is that amongst the rest of the golf courses under the Bandon Dunes Resort, this is the only one which does not snake its way along the Pacific Ocean.

It mostly traverses meadows, forest tracts and other similar terrain. This course has in fact been awarded with the title of ‘The Best Place on the Planet for Golf’ by the newsletter Golf Odyssey. The youngest of all the four courses is the Old Macdonald which became available to golfers in 2010. This resort has hosted various golf tournaments and seen quite a few golfing legends during its lifetime. Of the many such occasions, some of the significant ones are the USGA hosted Curtis Cup of 2006 and the U.S. Mid-Amateur Golf Championship. Then there are the more recent U.S. Amateur Public Links and the U.S. Women’s Amateur Public Links championship games for which the United States Golf Association selected the Bandon Dunes Golf Resort as the perfect site.

These tournaments were held in June-July, 2011. Apart from the entire golfing experience, the resort itself can also be quite a treat. For those golfers who are travelling with family, often all the golfing bores the rest of his family. For them, the resort always comes to the rescue. Comfort is top priority for the Bandon Dunes Resort and no comprises are ever made in that department. One of the most amazing features of this resort is the absolute seclusion that it offers. Far from the maddening crowd, this place is indeed a heavenly getaway.


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