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PGA Village: Places To Stay And Play Golf

Golf lovers from around the world always feel the need to engage in the game even when they are travelling. This might create problems when it is a family vacation. To tide over this difficulty, now they can actually make an entire golfing tour out of their vacation without angering the family or boring themselves! The whole PGA Village program is not just designed to cater to the dream of every golfing enthusiast but to focus on the expectations of his travelling companions as well. Extreme attention is paid to the tour so that it ends up by being the experience of a lifetime. After all, as all golfers would agree, golfing is much more than just a game. The PGA Village has opened up branches at various exotic locales and these receive numerous visitors around the year. The Village experience is indeed unique since it blends community living with top-class luxury.

One of its latest ventures in this line is the Cat Island Golf and Beach Resort. Golfing here is a treat with the vast acres of golf course and the wonderful weather that accompanies it most of the time. The kind of lifestyle that the resort aims to maintain is top notch. People are provided with the best of services and the hospitality department has been trained to attend to very minor detail. As should be the nature of a true five-star resort, the PGA Village is known for their varied options in entertainment. It would indeed be impossible to get bored when out on the pink sands of Cat Island or striking the ball on the golf courses. The island is quite rich in historical fodder and is known to bear the culture and tradition of the Bahamas. The PGA of America is the owner of all these resorts and golf courses. As of now, the association boasts of being one among the 75 best golf resorts and that is indeed a spectacular feat for the enterprise.

Even unofficially, the PGA is quite a favorite with most people because of their overall service quality. Apart from that, the PGA also hosts golf training sessions, known as the PGA Centre for Golf Learning and Performance. The packages offered by the PGA of America golf schools are designed to couple expert advice with the best of technological assistance. The PGA has a Museum of Golf which traces the entire history of the game and houses some priceless memorabilia that would indeed excite the passionate golfers. The Museum of Golf and other such sites often host various events such as conferences where professionals come and speak before the people. Basically, the thrust is towards the development of a holistic experience for the visitors. The motto is to stay and play the game but there are obviously much more to do at the PGA Village than just that. The PGA Village Verano in Florida is another luxury enterprise that offers a similar experience for people looking for that perfect home.


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