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Golf Vacations to Cure Your Snowy Winter Blues

Winter is coming, and with that, comes the snow and the cold weather. This means that your golf clubs are already put away or are about to be put in storage for the season. With many if not all golf courses across the middle of the United States closing up shop for the season, how can you get your fix of the links other than by watching some pros play on the Golf Channel? I will tell you how. Take a trip to a Myrtle Beach Golf resort. With temperatures across the US falling to freezing or nearly freezing, why not treat yourself to Myrtle Beach’s temperate climate. During the months of December through March, Myrtle Beach has an average daily high of 62°F which makes this the perfect golf destination.

The area offers a variety of accommodations including Myrtle Beach Condo Resorts and packages for golf vacations. One option to plan is to book everything separately including accommodations and golf tee times. Sometimes this approach can take more time, effort and money to do. A better way to plan is to look into the many golf resorts with courses and accommodations right at the same location. When booking this way, you can save time, money and effort, as many of the resorts will give you first choice on tee times for the onsite course, or an affiliation with a nearby course that offers discounted rates. Many of these resorts will have a golf concierge that can give recommendations, or make tee times for you.

Myrtle Beach has many other perks, and one is the miles of sandy beaches. If you need a break from the fantastic golfing, or there or, lounging on the beach can be a great way to relax or spend some time with family and friends. Other activities around Myrtle Beach include fine dining, a great nightlife, theme parks and other water sport activities.

Getting to Myrtle Beach couldn’t be easier. The airport is located near the downtown area with many airlines flying in year round, and others fly seasonally. Either way, a good deal can be found. The airport features rental car agencies right on site, or you can arrange for a taxi or private shuttle service to take you directly to your accommodations. Most major airports have direct flights into Myrtle Beach, with smaller airports offering flights with layovers.

With golfing, beaches and many other activities, Myrtle Beach can be the winter destination you have been looking o escape the cold. Now is the time to plan your winter vacation getaway.


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