Golf on a Budget With a Half Golf Club Set

The game of golf has earned the reputation of being a sport for wealthy men. While the sport has opened up to a wider demographic, it’s still considered one of the more costly ones to play; golfers appear to have expensive equipment, pricey clothes and shoes, and exclusive country club or golf club memberships.

Despite appearances, however, it is possible to get in the golf game without blowing your budget. If you are completely new to the game of golf, you will likely want to try out the game before you commit, and there are a number of ways to do this.

Many people get started with the sport because of a friend; an experienced golfer can give you pointers on how and where to play. Borrowing a set of clubs will let you get a feel for the game. Some golf clubs and driving ranges rent equipment; in this case, a small fee can provide you the opportunity to experience both the sport and potential beginner golf club sets. Some clubs may even have demo clubs, which players can try out on the course or the driving range.

Once you have decided to continue your foray into golf, your first purchase should be a set of golf clubs. A purchase of a full set of golf clubs by a major name in the golf industry can run $2,000, but that is far more than a beginner needs to pay. Since golf starter sets are new golfers’ primary expense, finding the right set on a budget can significantly decrease the costs of playing.

While tour players and experienced golfers play with full sets of clubs, which can include as many as 14 clubs, a new golfer needs far fewer clubs to get started. For golfers on a budget, a half golf set is the best route to go. A half golf set includes clubs that are considered more of a necessity on the course, and half golf sets exclude more advanced clubs, which can prove frustrating for a new golfer to try to use. While there is no industry standard for a half golf set, beginner golf club sets often include:


  • Three irons, typically a 4- 6 and 8-iron
  • Pitching wedge and/or sand wedge
  • Two woods
  • Putter


You can purchase one of the golf starter sets or purchase clubs individually to make a half set. Make sure to invest in a golf bag, ideally one with pop-out stand legs, to carry your clubs. Once you have picked up clubs, you will likely want to spend a small amount of money on some accessories, such as tees and gloves.

A half set is the biggest monetary investment you will need to make to begin playing. Other purchases, such as golf shoes, additional clubs, and special gear, can wait until you have played the game longer.

In order to use your new clubs, you will need a place to play. While country club memberships can be expensive, public golf courses and driving ranges are widely available and cost significantly less than private clubs. These tips will help you enjoy the game of golf on a budget.

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