Improve Your Game at the Leadbetter Academy

The Leadbetter Academy offers golf lessons in a wide range of formats, from short hour-long clinics to Junior Summer Camps that last almost all day. If you, your spouse, or your child is an avid golfer, or would like to become one, than the golf lessons and youth instruction programs offered by the academy might be perfect for you.

The academy offers expansive state of the art facilities, including a fully equipped fitness studio, an indoor/outdoor hitting bay, a Golf Performance and Biomechanics studio, an indoor putting room, and a full-service Club Fitting and Repair shop. Coupled with over twenty four thousand square feet of immaculate putting and chipping greens, the Leadbetter Academy is ideally equipped to instruct everyone from absolute beginners to seasoned players, and everyone in between. Adults can have their choice of short lessons, a three-day retreat, or even a private lesson with David Leadbetter.

Junior Summer Camps are offered for children between eight and eighteen. Younger kids between eight and twelve can take part in the Leadbetter Academy’s half day camp, where they will learn the basics of playing golf, and developing a good stance and swing. Older kids, from thirteen to eighteen, can participate in the camps’ full day program, where they will receive golf lessons in the morning, lunch, and then practice on the course afterward. This program is designed to teach more seasoned junior players how to improve their game, and get the solid instructional foundation that they need to become stronger players. At the end of the full day youth instruction program, students will be allowed to compete in a full eighteen-hole golf tournament that culminates in an awards ceremony, and will receive a DLGA gift bag and a take-home plan to help them continue to improve. Participants in the half day program will also get a DLGA gift bag, and a plan to help them continue to learn and improve their game.

Whether you want to learn to play golf, improve your game, or get help from one of golfing’s best and most seasoned instructors, the Leadbetter Academy can help you. With their fully-equipped facilities, generous green space, and experienced golfing instructors, you, your spouse, or your child can get helpful advice for improving your golf game, and a practice plan that will allow you to continue to get better and better. Look into the academy’s golf lesson programs today, you’ll be glad you did


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